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Thanks for the information (and like the witticism at the end).  It makes sense to cover a normal bridge, it just surprised me a railroad bridge would be covered.  I learn everyday how my assumptions are incorrect, mostly though the corrections come from my wife ;-)

Out of curiosity:  is the Marysville Bridge the location of the Statue of Liberty in the river?  This is a bit north of Marysville (more like Duncannon I believe) but it seems where the Statue of Liberty is located could easily be a trestle / support column.  


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Andy, the Rockville Bridge is a bit south of the ruined Marysville Bridge.
A wooden bridge has a life span of about ten to fifteen  years.  If you cover it the life span increases to about seventy to eighty years.  Also Covered Bridges are way cooler then regular ones.

Jeff Burk

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