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Doesn't Frassanito describe a large body of militia camped out  on Cem Hill 
post battle in his pix?  Maybe the cav had been attached to  Couch.
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Issue 46 of Gettysburg Magazine includes an article  about a memoir by a
Lutheran minister, Rev. Franklin Sshantz, who visited  the battlefield
immediately after the fighting ended, July 7-9, a couple  weeks later, July
22-27, and at the time of the National Cemetery  dedication, July 17-20.
Very interesting and detailed observations about  the scene on the
battlefield (bodies still lying around unburied), the  makeshift hospitals 
barns, farmhouses and private homes, and the parade  and dedication of the
cemetery where he heard "Remarks by President  Lincoln."  Dr. Schantz was
also in attendance when Lincoln spoke to a  crowd that had gathered outside
of a home (presumably David Wills' house on  the square).

The article focuses primarily on the Eleventh Corps  hospital at the 
Farm, acquired by the Gettysburg Foundation in  recent years and targeted 
future restoration.  The article is also  a plea for donations to speed this
restoration process along.

One  comment that caught my eye on that on July 8, a couple of days after  
Union army had left Gettysburg, Dr. Schantz observed "a large body  of
Cavalry starting on a march to join the army which had left  Gettysburg.  
left in a heavy rain."

He did not explain what  "a large body of Cavalry" consisted of, but I am
curious what unit this  cavalry was part of, and why they were still in
Gettysburg while Meade was  in pursuit of Lee's retreating army?

Any ideas?

Tom  Ryan

P.S.  the article is by Silas Felton, and includes a detailed  history of 
Spangler farm by Wayne  Motts.

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