GDG- A little clarification please. (TR)

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Sorry 'bout that. I was pulling your leg a triffle, because you had asked in
your second request for info about what Lee's intention in going North was.
That is what I meant by saying my first response should have answered that.

I was not addressing your question about how far north Lee would have gone.
Absent any primary sources, there is no way of knowing an answer to that

Regards, Tom

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Tom R:  If this is the lengthy response to which you are referring, which I
did read entirely, and then again, and to be sure, yet again, I can't find
any mention of how far north Lee was prepared to go, in a physical,
geographical sense.
 You answered my original question in the first paragraph. So it's very
likely that my AADD kicked in shortly after reading it. (OOOH LOOK! A
Never mind though, TB's  response  came close.
("As it turned out, Gettysburg wasn't far enough...")


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