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Benezette is my hometown.

The only place where you can be late for work, claiming you couldn't get the elk sleeping against your car to move (works better during rutting season).

To bring this back to the Civil War, they still haven't found the missing gold that was lost in the area.  I am not sure if it is a true story, but definitely talked about while having a Straubs ( ).  

Not sure if you have seen it,  but they just opened a very nice visitor's center on Winslow's Hill.  I believe the dirt road you reference is the Calendonia Pike but there are dirt roads off dirt roads with the main dirt road being The Calendonia Pike.  


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    Great post !!! - We vacation in that area (Benezette) every year in October (video hunt the elk) - In Driftwood,Pa - there is a great statue to the Bucktails (most of them came from the area) - and a dirt road that is still there and can be followed by car as they made their way to their embarkation point.

Tom B.

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