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Was the Marysville Bridge in the same location as the current Rockville Bridge?  

Out of curiosity:  what is the benefit for having a covered railroad bridge?  It would seem this would be a huge fire hazard, not to mention the effect the smoke from the trains would cause to the structure.  


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During the war there were 4 bridges that had to be considered by Lee that crossed the Sus.
The Southern most was The Conowingo Bridge at Port Deposit Md.  This was a covered bridge.
The next bridge going north would be at Wrightsville Pa.  This bridge would be burned during the evening of June 28, 1863.
Harrisburg would be the furtherst point we need to look at.  I believe the city had 2 crossing one railroad and one general.
The camal back bridge was the general purpose bridge.  The present day Walnut Street Bridge spans the river today at its old location.
The Marysvillie RR bridge, this was also a covered bridge.

Jeff Burk

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