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Just so! Thanks Tom. 



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> Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
> <<Your take on foreign intervention is thoughtful and very likely right, but
> also retrospective. There is very little likelihood that Confederate leaders
> would have believed this at the time.>>
> George,
> That was the point I made in my response to our esteemed newcomer.  It was
> much too early for Lee and the government in Richmond to give up all hope of
> recognition and/or intervention by the European powers.
> Davis sent agents to Europe specifically charged with gaining approval for
> the Confederate government.  They did not care much in what form the
> approval came, as long as it raised the Confederacy in the eyes of the
> world.
> That in itself could have paid dividends with additional support from
> anti-government factions in the North.
> Even at this early date, the authorities in Richmond may have been
> calculating Lincoln's chances for reelection the following year, and working
> hard to insure that did not come about.
> Tom Ryan
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