GDG- "Lee's Illness Lost Gettysburg"

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Thu Jan 26 22:35:07 CST 2012

<<  One weakness in his argument from my point of view is that he reached a firm
conclusion that Lee's illness caused the ANV to lose the battle at
Gettysburg based on relatively little evidence. I thought it would have
been better for him to couch his conclusion in less specific terms, and
perhaps allowed that Lee's illness was a contributing, although not the
exclusive, factor for his defeat.  >>

I just read the article.

The title was very unfortunate.  Overly sensational, like something you'd find on a supermarket tabloid.  Beneath Gettysburg Magazine's dignity, IMO.  

The author pushes his conclusions far beyond that which the mostly anecdotal evidence will support.  Not to say that Lee didn't have various health issues, probably very much in common with any number of men his age, given the state of mid-19th century medical knowledge and care.  But it seems to be quite a leap to ascribe all the failures or leadership and judgment attributed to Lee to ill health, much less, to make a flat out declaration that these lost the battle for the ANV.  
Overall, one of the weaker articles to appear in Gettysburg Magazine in recent years.

Jim Cameron

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