GDG- A little clarification please.

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Thu Jan 26 21:51:18 CST 2012

<<Your take on foreign intervention is thoughtful and very likely right, but
also retrospective. There is very little likelihood that Confederate leaders
would have believed this at the time.>>


That was the point I made in my response to our esteemed newcomer.  It was
much too early for Lee and the government in Richmond to give up all hope of
recognition and/or intervention by the European powers.

Davis sent agents to Europe specifically charged with gaining approval for
the Confederate government.  They did not care much in what form the
approval came, as long as it raised the Confederacy in the eyes of the

That in itself could have paid dividends with additional support from
anti-government factions in the North.

Even at this early date, the authorities in Richmond may have been
calculating Lincoln's chances for reelection the following year, and working
hard to insure that did not come about.

Tom Ryan

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