GDG- A little clarification please.

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Thu Jan 26 21:32:43 CST 2012

<<It seems that everyone agrees that if Lee had gone to Harrisburg, he would
not have tried to stay there any longer than necessary. So then, the
contentious issue is wether he really planned on going there at all? 
 (This is a "Just Occurred to Me" question): If his goal was to draw the AoP
north, how far north was far enough?>>

Hey K,

Did you read any of my rather lengthy response to your original question?
Now, pay attention!

In addition to Lee's military objectives, he had a specific political
objective.  That was to rile up the peaceniks to demonstrate against the
government's continuation of the war, and for a settlement with the South.

The details are in my other post.

Your most obedient servant, Tom Ryan


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