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War is a young man's game.  After 22 years, my body was worn out.  Achillies Tendon surgery, Arthritic left hip, planter faceitis (sic), hearing loss... 12 months of walking around with armor and helmet in Iraq did nothing to improve my overall quality of life.  Not to mention, the burning garbage and human waste, oil fires and fumes.

I can imagine what these men went through, that being said Lee's condition, is irrelevent to the outcome of the campaign.

Don Herko



  I agree with you on that. Lee's medical condition  did not cause him to lose the Gettysburg Campaign. Lee lost because of....

1. His Tactics
2. The Union Army ( It's manpower, Its logistics, Its willpower )
3. His vague orders and his generals failure to carry them out in a timely and correct manner
4. General Meade's generalship


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