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Thank you for serving our country Don.  I hope people  around honor you.
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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War is a young man's game.  After 22 years, my  body was worn out.  
Achillies Tendon surgery, Arthritic left hip, planter  faceitis (sic), hearing 
loss... 12 months of walking around with armor and  helmet in Iraq did nothing 
to improve my overall quality of life.  Not to  mention, the burning garbage 
and human waste, oil fires and fumes.

I  can imagine what these men went through, that being said Lee's 
condition, is  irrelevent to the outcome of the campaign.

Don Herko

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> Somewhere in my reading on the subject over the last year  or so there 
was as
> doctor who described carrying two "balls of  medicine" in his right and 
> pockets.  One was something they  used as a laxative to relieve 
> (caused by the diet) and  the other was some form of opium to relieve
> diarrhea (usually caused  by stuff in the water).  He'd walk down a line 
> troops, most of  whom were suffering from one or the other, reach in his
> pocket and  treat their symptoms.
> Anyway, that's how common opiates were  during the war.
> One theory was that REL had dysentery during  the BoG.  The treatment for
> that was opium or stronger. It will  slow the diarrhea, but it has, uh, 
> effects.  Like "I can do  anything!" side effects.
> Just saying.
> REL's  performance at G'burg is a textbook example of how not to manage a
>  battle.  I'm not "Lost Causing" him because he might have been hammered  
> opium.  I'm just wondering.  Heart attacks (been there)  don't give you
> delusions of grandeur.
>  Regards,
> TB

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