GDG- "Lee's Illness Lost Gettysburg"

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What were his symptoms?
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What I've heard, and Coddington went into it a bit, Lee had a  minor heart 
attack or something.   A modern cardiologist could  probably identify the 
But one effect could have been fatigue.  Lee would  already be pretty 
fatigued just from all the riding and he certainly didn't live  for long after 
the war.  Then if he wasn't eating diarhea could have been  an issue.
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I think the last thing on this was written by Chuck  Teavue, which should 
establish a benchmark to work from.
Having spent most  of my years in military medicine, on the combat side, I 
was less than  impressed with these things.
In the 19th century there were more health  fatalities than combat

In WW II, Merrill's command went into combat  with the seats of there pants 
cut out, due to dysentery.

I cannot see  an army commander not functioning because of health, unless 
he was  comatose.
If he was healthy enough to tell Longstreet to quit his whining,  he was 
healthy enough to command.

But, I have not read the  article.
Let us know, will you


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>Over the years we have had several/many  discussions about Lee's health at
>Gettysburg. Coppolino's article in  the current Gettysburg Magazine is 
>clear about it. Any comments  yet?
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