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Oh THNX for the little travelogue.
Isn't Zippy the Pinhead from Dillsburg?
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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(Information  taken from the "Dillsburg 1983 Sesquicentennial" book)

Nestled in the  foothills of the beautiful and historic Blue Ridge Mountains
with South  Mountain in its backyard, Dillsburg has been and is a good place
to call  "home".

At one time the settlement was known as Monaghan Settlement, at  other times
it was Dill's or Dills, Dillstown and even Dillston. Then, at  its
incorporation on April 9, 1833, it officially, and probably finally,  became
known as Dillsburg. It was named in honor of the chief of the  earliest
settlers, Matthew Dill, who located here about 1740. He came from  the 
of Monagahan, Ireland. In 1749 Matthew Dill became one of the  court 
of York County and before this he had commanded a company  against native
Indian opposition. He died October 13, 1750 at the age of  52.
The exact date of the earliest settlement in or near Dillsburg is  
It is noted, however, that Captain Matthew Dill's name appeared  in the
records of Chester County, Pennsylvania, as late as 1735. It should  be 
that the lands within the present limits of York County were, at  one time, 
part of Chester County. They later became part of the new  Lancaster County
and finally in August 1749 York County was established  "West of the
Susquehanna" and was separated from Lancaster  County.

One of the townships that was laid out before 1749 was Monahan  (later
Monaghan), including the area now comprising Dillsburg. Since the  land west
of the Susquehanna was purchased from the Indians in 1736 and,  since it is
recorded that preaching services were held locally as early as  1737, it may
be concluded that the approximate date of settlement is  between 1735 and

Records show that Thomas and Richard Penn,  Esquires, and Proprietary's and
Governors of the Province of Pennsylvania,  granted to Captain Dill, for a
sum of money, a tract of land containing 504  acres.

Terry Brasko

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I have friends in  Dillsburg.   Just what the heck is  a Dillsburg?

A   Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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