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Even to capture, cleared the city and surrounding area of needed military supplies and then leave would occupy Lee for 72-96 hours.  At that point, end of June, he did not have Stuart and had not other capability of advanced warning once Meade approached, Lee could have been cornered in Harrisburg against the Seq River.  Union Forces moving North towards Harrisburg, beyond Gettysburg would have prevented Stuart's movement to York, Carlisle and link up with Lee.  Staurt would have been moving in parallel to Meade well to the East.  Once Meade turned to Gettysburg, it allowed Stuart to move North and West.  That would not have happened had Harrisburg been the destination of Meade.  Sturat would have had to look for fords and bridges well to the East and elongated his absence from ANV
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I've read a couple of posts where the esteemed member insisted that Lee did not intend to hold Harrisburg if he did in fact assault and take it.
I don't know if it was more than one poster or only one several times. 
My question is, does anyone think he would have attempted to hold it? I don't think anyone has put forward that POV, but I might have missed it.




  I don't believe that Lee intended to capture Harrisburg as we think of capturing it. I do believe that he intended to attack/raid it. To get supplies, destroy the railroads...ect..ect. I can see Lee doing that with a Corps, but to place the whole AoNV across the Susquehanna River for more than 2 days top would be, in my opinion, the death bell for the AoNV. To raid or sack Harrisburg I can see that but to occupy it for 4, 5, or more days no. The AoP would then cut it off then kill it. 

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