GDG- "Lee's Illness Lost Gettysburg"

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I read the article and thought it was well done by a medical professional.
Dr. Cappolino is billed in the article as a specialist on the medical
condition of historical figures.

His detailed analysis and explanation of Lee's maladies were enligtening.
It was apparent from some of his statements that the author was not a Civil
War expert.  Nonetheless, I thought he put Lee's situation in perspective.

One weakness in his argument from my point of view is that he reached a firm
conclusion that Lee's illness caused the ANV to lose the battle at
Gettysburg based on relatively little evidence.  I thought it would have
been better for him to couch his conclusion in less specific terms, and
perhaps allowed that Lee's illness was a contributing, although not the
exclusive, factor for his defeat.

Regards, Tom Ryan

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Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:

Over the years we have had several/many discussions about Lee's health at
Gettysburg. Coppolino's article in the current Gettysburg Magazine is pretty
clear about it. Any comments yet?

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