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I have friends in Dillsburg.   Just what the heck is  a Dillsburg?
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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Thanks for your  patience
Hope someone read and enjoyed it half as much as me. Funny thing  is
Curwensville hasn't changed much.
My wife knew descendants of a good  number of the Curwensville past.
In fact, there were articles in the book  where soldiers basically called
them inbreds!
I have always joked that  the town was so small that I suspected everyone 
related to each other  and  heard dueling banjos.
Get the book to learn about the dark side  of PA during the civil war.
Dave  <<<<<<<<<<

Great  post !!! - We vacation in that area (Benezette) every year in
October  (video hunt the elk) - In Driftwood,Pa - there is a great statue to
the  Bucktails (most of them came from the area) - and a dirt road that is
still  there and can be followed by car as they made their way to their  
embarkation point.

Tom  B.

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