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I have your article and I enjoyed it immensely.  I think you make a great case.

Regarding your research into the capture of African Americans in the Gettysburg Campaign, I've been doing some thinking about this and wonder if you came to any conclusions as to whether or not it was official policy of the ANV and/or the confederacy to capture African Americans and bring them south into slavery.  If it was official policy, was it the policy to confine the captures to suspected fugitive slaves or were all African Americans fair game according to that policy (if it existed)?

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When I did my research on the capture of African Americans, one black family 
laimed that one Confederate captain said, "After we have destroyed 
ennsylvania..." they would come back and capture all of the African Americans.  
hat isn't exactly a dispassionate source, but, if true, indicates that some in 
he rank and file expected to go plundering PA.  The rank and file didn't always 
ave an accurate view, though - even a lot of Lee's division commanders thought 
he invasion would be limited to MD.

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