GDG- Gettysburg Digest, Vol 18, Issue 24

Tom bunco973 at
Wed Jan 25 20:59:43 CST 2012

>>>Here I would refer members of this list to that quirky but 
>>>thought-provoking book, James A. Kegel's *North with Lee and Jackson* 
>>>The author argues that Jackson wanted to destroy Northern anthracite coal 
>>>mines (northeast of Philadelphia) that were supplying the Union blockade 
>>>ships.  I think the author does a pretty good job of showing that Jackson 
>>>at least gave that some consideration; he doesn't prove, to my mind, that 
>>>Lee adopted the same thinking, but I would love to know what others on 
>>>this list think.<<<
GDGers may appreciate that the book represented decades of research by the 
author, a newspaper editor in Lancaster PA.  Someone told me he was always 
very bitter that it was not better treated by the historical profession.

  Mentioned that same book in a post this morning. Just was sitting on the 
bookshelf - then when this thread in the group began - out it finally came - 
it's a shame - it is "quirky" - but one of the few revisionist books that 
makes a great case, and he backs it up with quite a bit of primary & 
secondary sources.

Tom B.

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