GDG- ISusquehanna River

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Wed Jan 25 19:15:53 CST 2012


I don't have a problem with the idea of Lee crossing the Pot R  at Whites
Ford (Ford- not Ferry- n the Ferry was mile+ down the river from the  Ford.
Plus you had several other fords all the way down to Rowsers S of  Seneca

I can see that.  Plus it would scare the beejeeezers out  of Lincoln &


That it would.  Plus there did not appear to be a compelling reason to
backtrack across South Mountain and through the Cumberland Valley to the
Potomac.  Especially since Lee had essentially abandoned his communications,
and he had no supply line to worry about.

As a result, the direction he could take back to Virginia seems to me to be
six of one and a half dozen of another.  It made little difference.  It all
depended on which direction Meade ordered the AoP to take.

If the AoP came on from west to east, Lee could either wait for them at a
position on the east side of the S. River, or, if necessary, move south into

If Meade chose to cross the S. River below Lee's position, the ANV had a
similar choice -- either to wait in position for an AoP attack, or withdraw
back across the S. River and move in a westerly direction.

Regards, Tom Ryan

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