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Thank you for taking the time to give people a heads up for the test.
 That's going to be a big help.
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> When I took the guide test the first time, I didn't realize that they were
> going to have
> pictures of the commanders at Gettysburg to be identified.  Mostly brigade
> commanders
> and up, with a few of the regimental commanders who are well known, like
> Joshua Chamberlain.
> I thought I would just remember the guy with the beard, until I realized
> that about 90% had beards
> which did not help!
> They also have pictures of monuments to be identified, as well as a map of
> the
> area which you have to identify farms, roads, creeks and streams on the
> field.
> The test is mostly fill in the blank, some true/false, some multiple
> choice,
> and the pictures to identify. Also essays at the end.
> They tell you at the begining that the essays will only be graded if you
> pass the test,
> then they will use the scores of the essays to determine your placement
> in the list.
> They will give you a choice of topics, and you can choose the ones you
> want to
> do.
> Here is an example of an essay question:
> Historians have long argued that one of the most serious Confederate
> errors of the
> Gettysburg Campaign was Ewell's failure to attack Cemetery Hill late in
> the day
> on July 1. Explain, using Ewell's rationale, why he did not attack.
> Nancy Householder
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