GDG- ISusquehanna River

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Wed Jan 25 16:53:10 CST 2012

Further to my previous post on this subject, here is what John Gordon wrote
in his "Reminiscences of the Civil War."

"As my orders were not restricted, except to direct me to cross the
Susquehanno, if possible, my immediate object was to move rapidly down that
raving to the river, then along its right bank to the bridge, seize it, and
cross to the Columbia side.  Once across, I intened to mount my men, if
practicable, so as to pass rapidly through Lancaster in the direction of
Philadelphia, and thus compel General Meade to send a portion of his army to
the defence of that city."

Note that Gordon did not say he was actually intending to go all the way to
Philadelphia, and may have had reference to a feint in that direction to
lure part of the AoP to the city's defense.

Although Gordon has the reputation of not being the most reliable reporter
of events in his memoirs, this statement does seem to coincide with what
Early had to say as posted previously.

Tom Ryan

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