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There is a book "North With Lee And Jackson" by James Kegel that extensively 
goes through Lee & Jackson's strategies throughout the earlier campaigns - 
and how some of it related to the decisions of the invasion of the north - 
particularly Gettysburg (i.e. Lee & Jackson - then post-Jackson). The author 
used a lot of primary & secondary sources, and makes a good argument that 
Gettysburg - particularly Harrisburg was in the planning quite awhile before 
1863. One of his footnotes from the Southern Historical Society Papers - 
Vol. 26,pp. 116-128, that on the afternoon of June 27, 1863 - Lee had said 
to Trimble " General Ewell's Forces are by this time in Harrisburg; if not, 
go and join him and help (him) to take the place."  Not exactly a smoking 
gun, and I don't have the SHSP, thus who recorded this exchange, but it is 

Tom B.

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> Some interesting points: Jackson had family who lived in the area and had 
> visited the Harrisburg area prior to the war.  He was familiar with the 
> area and with the Susquehanna.  One can be forgiven for wondering what 
> kinds of discussions the two had in the winter of '62-'63 and in the weeks 
> prior to Chancellorsville regarding the possibility of capturing 
> Pennsylvania's capital city.
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