GDG- LBg Guide Test

Nancy Householder pipecreek1430 at
Wed Jan 25 15:37:02 CST 2012

When I took the guide test the first time, I didn't realize that they were going to have 

pictures of the commanders at Gettysburg to be identified.  Mostly brigade commanders
and up, with a few of the regimental commanders who are well known, like Joshua Chamberlain.
I thought I would just remember the guy with the beard, until I realized that about 90% had beards
which did not help!

They also have pictures of monuments to be identified, as well as a map of the 

area which you have to identify farms, roads, creeks and streams on the field.

The test is mostly fill in the blank, some true/false, some multiple choice,
and the pictures to identify. Also essays at the end.  

They tell you at the begining that the essays will only be graded if you pass the test,
then they will use the scores of the essays to determine your placement
in the list.  

They will give you a choice of topics, and you can choose the ones you want to
Here is an example of an essay question:

Historians have long argued that one of the most serious Confederate errors of the 
Gettysburg Campaign was Ewell's failure to attack Cemetery Hill late in the day 

on July 1. Explain, using Ewell's rationale, why he did not attack.

Nancy Householder

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