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I have a list of the classes that were offered before, to give you an idea of what sort of things
they want you to know.
1. Campaign June 3- 30
2. Cavalry at Gettysburg *

3. July 1 *

4. July 2*
5. Artillery
6. Culps Hill *

7. Picketts Charge *

8. Cemetery Hill *

9. Retreat from Gettyburg
10. Monuments and history of GNMP *

11. Lincoln and National Cemetery *

12. Gettysburg Civilians *

13. Causes of the War
14. Consequences of the War
15. The war in the east
16. The war in the west

The ones with stars were 3 hours in the classroom in the evening , then another 3 hours on the battlefield on a Sunday afternoon.
The others were 3 hour classes in the evening.

The last test threw some people as about 20% of it was about other battles during the war. People
who only study Gettysburg, or the Eastern Theater will have a lot of trouble.

Nancy Householder

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  Fantastic - we'll be rootin' for you.

Tom B.

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Jack- Actually HACC does offer those classes for potential Licensed Battlefield Guides, but only in the year in
which the test will be offered.  They did the classes in 2008 and 2010 from August thru Nov. and the test
was in Dec of those years. I took all 16 classes in 2008, and took the test, missed the cut off score by 12 points.
Took 3 of the classes again in 2010, to brush up on info I missed or was not sure about, and took the test in Dec.
165 people took the test in Dec 2010, and 19 passed. I was #18.  I am still waiting to give my oral test sometime
this year. They have not announce when the next test will be given.

Nancy Householder
Westminster, MD

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No. The guides at Gettysburg are unique, they trace their history back to the day after the battle.
The NPS inherited them when they took over the park and there has been a partnership of sorts ever since.
Can you imagine the any bureaucracy recruiting an outside guide service, officially sanctioned, to run free across the property.

The other parks do provide tours though, which can be spotty, but generally good.
They do have these NPS tours at Gettysburg.

In a perfect world, every battlefield guide everywhere would be a retired infantry officer with a degree in history.

But, having sat in on a couple of the prep classes for Battlefield Guides at the HACC, (they don't hold them anymore) I stumbled into, the LBG guys do yeomen's work in assuring that their guides are a quality product in terms of the minituae of the field.

Wish they had that kind of program at Normandy.



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> I hope this is "on-topic" and offer my apologies if it is not.
> At some point this summer (I don't have anything planned at the moment other than this is a goal of mine but depends upon having free weekends which are in short supply due to some family issues), I would like to get to Fredericksburg and tour some of those battlefields.
> Is there anything like the Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Tour Guides one could use for the Fredericksburg area battlefields?  Or does anyone know of people who do it in their spare time or through a company in the area in which one could hire a guide?
> It is one of those things where I know the history of what transpired in Fredericksburg but someone familiar with the ground and area could show you those "out of the way" type places and with the modern town almost on the edge of the NPS land, it is very hard to know "the ground" as the time of the battle and where various points are in relation to each other (I hope this makes sense).
> Thanks,
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