GDG- Raid vs Occupation

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Wed Jan 25 08:54:10 CST 2012

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So what's wrong with an Italian captain? If you follow him closely you'll 
be the 2nd person off the boat when it starts to sink. Nuttin wrong with 


Do you like my new sign-off? I don't know what a neo-anti unionst is but 
I hope it will make people leave me alone. A lot of Libertarians ask too 
many questions. 

A Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,
Peter   >>

Please SNIP when replying to another post, and if possible select the option in your e-mail program NOT to include the previous post in your reply.  These lengthy replies filled with previous posts end up generating needless digests, for those members who participate that way.  
This is not directed just at you, by the way, but to a number of members who should know better by now.   And it's becoming more important what with more and more people participating Thanks,
Jim Cameron 

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