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I was in Fargo a few years ago in a small building that had only one 
conference room.
So when one side had to present their case the other side had to go out back 
and sit at a picknik table.
It wasn't bad. We are sitting in July on the banks of the Red River 
(obviously not the Texas/Oklahoma one) watching the folks swim on the 
Minnesota side. At that point, the Red River flows south to north as it is 
in the Hudson Bay watershed (as are the Tetons). It turned out to be a 
pleasant afternoon. The point is that the locals (as all of we locals are 
want when out of towners are around) were more than happy to talk about the 
They pointed out, (even the bad guys) that the Red River was the only south 
to north river in the country.
I pointed out that the Tennesse River flows north to south from Nashville 
along Waldens Ridge to Chattanooga, where it flows east to west to below 
Memphis until it flows NORTH to the Mississippi. So, I said, the Tennesee 
flows NORTH also.
No, they said. A rivers course is determined by the direction of the flow 
from the headwaters to where it empties. The Tennesee river flows east to 
A couple of years later I ran into a geographer on another issue who told me 
they were correct.

So the Susquehanna flows east to west.

Harrisburg may be east of the river, but it is on the north bank.

And when I drive from Gettysburg to pick up a game at the Meadowlands, I go 
north, and somewhere in there I cross the river before I head east.
This is not to patronize anyone.
Now that we have cleared that up, Bill, what do you think Lee was going to 
do with those two shot up corp up north, could and tired and all alone? 
Still 500 miles away from home?


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> Jack, you are holding the map sideways, the Sus, flows almost flat out N-S
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> No, now leave Jack alone he is as RIGHT about this as he is with 
> everything else. Surely ole Jack can't be wrong. :)
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