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Actually there's some good cheap restaurants in  Breezewood.  
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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First of all, your Faulkner comment is  patronizing.

Second, you offer assertions as truths, without a shred of  evidence in 

Third, you dismiss with exactly one short,  unsubstantiated sentence a long 
discussion that includes nearly a dozen  documented references. 

On the other hand, we know that Lee had given  "be prepared" instructions 
to cross the Susquehanna to two of his three corps.  We don't know what he 
was planning for Longstreet's Corps, but a minimum of  two-thirds of his army 
over the river is more than a raid. 

I speculate  here, but if Lee had been able to defeat the AoP corps in 
detail as they came  up in ones or two and to achieve that victory he always 
sought, why wouldn't  he want to be east of the Susquehanna? That's where he 
would need to be to  exploit the victory by threatening Philadelphia and 
Baltimore.  What's  west of it? Breezewood?



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> Hello.
> You are  correct, we have discussed this before. But no issues are 
settled on the  GDG.
> There is a certain innate Faulkner in many Lee admirers  that grandiosize 
Lee to an unsubstainable level.
> Thus, the  Lee as doomslayer. (I feel the same way about Lincoln the 
Great Emancipator,  even though that is an unrealistic perception and I know it.)
>  There was never any intent, nor was there ever any means, to occupy  
Harrisburg. But, as you point out, it was a good idea (and it worked).
> Regards,
> Jack
> BTW: Haupt thought  that Lee's goal WAS to wreck the rail lines.
> I have cut the thread as the length was getting  onerous.
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