GDG- Inevitable defeat

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If Meade had maintained Hooker's position, hje was prepared to move and 
intercept Lee from Marylan if Lee came out of the Cumberland valley.

Given that Halleck and kincoln were well aware of Lee's movement north had 
really considered any border incursion as a serious threat, I think it is 
unlikely that they really cared what Lee did as long as DC was safe. they 
were concentrated on Vicksburg at the time. I get the impression that 
lincoln, at least, was pretty sanguibe about the whole thing, other than an 
oppurtunity to defeat Lee.

There was never a real threat.


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> Esteemed GDG Member George Connell Contributes:

> In an addendum to the addendum to the addendum, I believe his orders
> required him to cover Baltimore as well.
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> George --- Right you are on the latest addendum to the previous addendums.
> Given how skittish Halleck, Stanton etc. were about Lee's supposed
> capabilities, have always been surprised that Meade wasn't ordered to 
> cover
> Boston as well.
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