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>> Esteemed GDG Member Jack Lawrence Contributes:
>> As an addendum and not a counterpoint, Both the ANV and the AoP divided
>> their forces prior to the battle.
>> The ANV dived its forces to draw the AoP out of its rear, it was already
>> trapped, so what the hey.
>> The AoP divided it's forces to intercept a confederat lunge out of the
>> Cumberland that was never going to happen.
>> Then the two armies blundered together and threw everything they had in
>> piecemeal.
>> Regards,
>> Jack
>>    As an addendum to the addendum --- the instructions given Meade was 
>> not
>> to only intercept Lee but to cover the city of Washington at the same 
>> time.
>> Given those orders, the pre-battle deployment of the AOP was perhaps the
>> best options Meade had to accomplished two very separate primary missions
>> requiring the army to act in both an offensive and defensive mode at the
>> same time.
>                With regards,
>                        Chet

His specific orders were not to intercept Lee and cover Washington.

They were to cover washington and ddefeat Lee.

Little more leeway in that.


Hooker had consistently wanted to grapple lee down on the river, and IMHO, 
was content foe Lee to come back out. 

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