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Think of the consequences for Lee.

Before capturing a big city like Hrsbg he would have an intact  artmy.  He 
takes that army on the wrong side of the  river.

Look at the Confederate occupation of Frederick in the  CW.  Before Ant. 
they lost a lot of men getting drunk in the town, not to  mention Jackson 
falling asleep during the sermon in the Presbytyrian  church.
Occupying a city for ANY army is fraught with  danger.  You don't just go 
in and parade around.  You risk losing  control of yo0ur army.

Lee was in the N only to threaten the N, not to capture a  city.

And, Sir, please tell me what benefit Lee would gain fro being  on tne 
wrong side of the Sus R when his supply lines were in the  Cumberlaand?  
Politely, I would like to hear an argument for Lee going  into Harrisburg.  To me 
it makes no sense.

So I do doubt it.,

A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,



  I have to agree with you on this. I do not think Lee ever intended on capturing and holding any city nor to cross his whole army over the
Susquehanna River. To do so would have been the death bell to the AoNV. I think he planned to raid Harrisburg for supplies and to throw
panic throughout the North. 

     William Richardson
     Mount Gilead, North Carolina

Pro-Excuser: People who can’t understand how The Confederate States Of America, out-manned, and under supplied, could kick their butts for four long years. Who resort to all kinds of finger pointing and avenues of denial. 

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