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At Antietam it is just like Gettysburg in that you have to pass a written test and then give a sample tour to a team of proctors, one from the NPS, one from the guides. Between the test and the tour you are set up with a mentor who helps you through a few other requirements. This part of it is somewhat different than Gettysburg. The guide service is part of Western Maryland Interpretive Association, the park's non-profit. They have an arrangement with the NPS, though because Antietam is not a National Military park like Gettysburg, their arrangement is probably slightly different. There is no internship, but you must sign up to be a volunteer to become a guide.

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>As I understand the Antietam guide thing, they take a test and passit. If 
>they pass it, they are interviewed by the NPS and spend time as interns 
>before being fully accredited. I understand the system at Gettysburg 
>consists of a written test and, even if you pass the test, you have to be 
>interviewed by the guides, who can turn you down if they just d not like 
>your style.

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