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One thing I do not like though is the inability to reserve a time on-line.  Please don't take this the wrong way, but for many of the younger folks (wish I was one of them), if there isn't a way to do this online, they will simply pass it over.  If the place doesn't have an "app" from one of the various app stores, it becomes a burden to actually use a phone to reserve a space.  Added to this, it would be nice to see on-line the time slots available so you can plan the day accordingly.  

I would think this would be a good management tool as you could schedule people (I don't really know how it is done) based on the need as if all the time slots are filled on a certain day, perhaps you could arrange for an extra guide or two to help offset those that come on a whim for a guide, instead of turning away business.  


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   What amazes me is how the LBG's can either tone down the information to the visitor or ramp it up. I imagine on a bus tour, the majority of the folks (30 or more,say), may not have an inkling about the field (thus for the sake of the many, tone down). Then you have the individual/family LBG tours, where the guide is experienced enough to determine their degree of knowledge of the field (thus possibly ramping up the tour with more info). 
We make at least  2 trips a year to GNMP, and at least 1 of them includes a tour with an LBG, and I have never regretted doing it - then again we usually request, each time, a certain aspect of the battle etc. Folks I've worked with, family, and friends know our interest in Gettysburg, and I can count on them to ask - what are the musts on a visit - and IMHO - 1) Visitor's Center 2) a tour with an LBG 3) and then walk the field with J.D. 
& Steve's guidebook in hand. And I do mean walk!! I've gotten positive responses every time - and many converts to our passion. As an aside of sorts - I do believe Vicksburg has an LBG staff also. And the Antietam Guides are on my list for my next trip there. These LBG's, besides making a buck, are dedicated to their craft and true professionals. Just look at the Gettysburg Daily site - it's free, has great tours and info., and can be done in the comfort of your home. Just my two cents - and a few bucks more ;-D

Tom B.

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