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THNX Andy-
You make good points.
Can you imagine how I felt on that one bus tour when we were  riding past 
Pickett's Charge and the LGBG was talking about Sickles shooting  Key.
I have a long list of real nightmares that occurred on tours  and that one 
keeps floating near the top after 20 years.
Not many people would appreciate it- even other tour  guides.
But you people should.
The rule is you talk about what people see out the  window.  You tell them 
before they see it what they are gonna see,   you tell them what they are 
seeing when they see it, and you tell what they saw  after they saw it.
A real simple rule.
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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I   understand the system at Gettysburg 
consists of a written test and,  even  if you pass the test, you have to be 
interviewed by the guides,  who can  turn you down if they just d not like 
your  style.

There is in fact a very comprehensive written test. If you make  the cut  
there the so called "interview" mentioned above is actually  an oral exam. 
perspective guide puts together his or her own 2  hour car tour which is 
given to  an existing guide AND an NPS Ranger.  After the first tour the 
candidate is asked  to make any necessary  adjustments and gets a second 
BOTH the ranger and  the guide  grade the candidate. It all comes down to 
if you 
can give a factual,   good tour of the battlefield. That is over 
but you are  not  "interviewed" by guides.

Both the park and the guide force  are just trying to make sure the visitor 
gets a quality tour.  

Peter previously stated that:

Sure, the tourists love it. But  tourists don't know a cowpie from a  

The tour is for  the visitors or tourists not a tour director on the bus,  
and one  thing that can cause a candidate to fail would be if you don't 
the  customer with respect or have the attitude that your paying  customer 

Andy  Ward

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