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I am 100% convinced that if Sickles had taken the axis II Cps  - LRT that 
there would have been no crisis on Day 2.  His III C. 2 divs  should have 
been more than sufficient to handle any attack by the Hood or  McLaws.
Meade was given a free hand by Lincoln. Remove any officers he  wanted, 
promote any officers he wanted, (Hey! No one's addressing my ?s about  Merritt, 
Farnsworth & Custer.  THNX guys.)
If I wuz Meade after the 2nd Day I wudda stood one-legged  Sickles against 
a tree, pulled out my .44 Colt and shot him in the  head.
Just my opinion and I get feedback from people that I am too  easy and 
compassionate in my views. 
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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<<  In a roundabout way, wasn't Sickles  right in "discovering" the ANV 
flanking attack?

Granted, he didn't run  into any of Longstreet's units, but as a result of 
the actions against  Wilcox's men, he did find out that the ANV was 
intending to move a large force  to attack his flank (which was eventually the case 
later in the day), but the  manner in which he went about it is subject to 
debate (that he didn't discover  Longstreet's movement but instead Wilcox's 
brigade), but I think the final  conclusion of his (not the move), that a 
large force of the enemy was moving  south to flank his line / ergo: the AOP is 
a valid conclusion.   >>

Considering where Wilcox's force was encountered, I'm not at  all sure this 
did equate to discovering any particular intent to move a large  force 
around his flank.  Now, that of course is what ended up happening,  but at the 
time of the Pitzer's woods action all it necessarily signified was  an 
extension of the Confederate line further down along Seminary Ridge, and  not 
necessarily a wider flanking movement.
There's also the matter of how,  had Sickles taken up his assigned sector, 
instead of moving forward, the  intended Confederate flanking movement 
wouldn't have ended up off his flank at  all.

Jim Cameron  
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