GDG- Inevitable defeat

Matt Diestel agatematt at
Tue Jan 24 13:36:05 CST 2012

> Esteemed GDG Member Jack Lawrence Contributes:

> As an addendum and not a counterpoint, Both the ANV and the AoP divided
> their forces prior to the battle.
> The ANV dived its forces to draw the AoP out of its rear, it was already
> trapped, so what the hey.
> The AoP divided it's forces to intercept a confederat lunge out of the
> Cumberland that was never going to happen.
> Then the two armies blundered together and threw everything they had in
> piecemeal.
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> Jack
>    As an addendum to the addendum --- the instructions given Meade was not
> to only intercept Lee but to cover the city of Washington at the same time.
> Given those orders, the pre-battle deployment of the AOP was perhaps the
> best options Meade had to accomplished two very separate primary missions
> requiring the army to act in both an offensive and defensive mode at the
> same time.

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