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Hey Andy-
You can easily spend years prowling around battlefields in  this area. 
There is also something new to go try to find.
There is never enough time for any one place which is  fortunate in one 
way.  But the other side of the coin is that it gets dark  and the park police 
come and chase you off the battlefield..
Fredericksburg has some wonderful restaurants.  I wish I  could have lived 
down there also but......
Tru Love's is right on the river across from the island north  oif the 
bridge and S of the northern landing poiunt.  Has huge picture  windows to watch 
the Rappahannock current flow by.  Way cool.   Fireplace too.
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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When I have some time finalized, I  will let you know to see if you are 
free.  As I said earlier, I don't  have anything planned at the moment, but 
wanted to put this on the list of  places to visit this summer, should I find 
myself having a free  weekend.


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I don't come  into the GDG to solicit business as a  tourguide.  It is 
probably  inappropriate.

But since you asked I sent an email out of the room but  I  didn't get your 
address right and I got a bounce back.

I am a  Civil War battlefield tour  guide.  I am kind of like a  
I'll go anywhere  anytime.  Been taking bus  tours to the battlefields for
20  years.

I've been prowling the  battlefields around DC for 30+  years.

Fredericksburg-  I'd  like to go wander around the  Slaughter Pen some 
The northern  stonewall is over-rated.  The  southern end of the 
battlefield is  far more interesting.

There is a really really great restaurant on the  river- very  romantic.  
Kind of a fancy place now but it it used  to be a cheap  sports brass and 
bar.  Now called Tru  Love's.  It has a  webvsite.   The manager James 
throw us a  free round.

Just so you know,  I love being  on a battlefield. I go by  myself all the 
time.  I'll go  anywhere.

If you want a tour guide I will work for chili and  beer.   Anywhere you 
want to go.  You should go on the  Booth Escape Route tour with  me.  Way 

Any time anyone  from GDG wants to go out and poke around a  battlefield 
I'll do it for  chili and beer.  That goes for  everyone. 

We'll take John  Grim.  He's fun.  Save your  money.  Let's get John and  
have some fun.  

A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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I hope this is "on-topic" and offer my apologies if  it  is not.

At some point this summer (I don't have anything planned  at  the moment 
other than this is a goal of mine but depends upon having  free  weekends 
which are in short supply due to some family issues), I  would like to  get to 
Fredericksburg and tour some of those  battlefields.

Is there  anything like the Gettysburg Licensed  Battlefield Tour Guides 
one could use  for the Fredericksburg area  battlefields?  Or does anyone know 
of people  who do it in their  spare time or through a company in the area 
in which one  could hire a  guide?

It is one of those things where I know the history  of what  transpired in 
Fredericksburg but someone familiar with the ground and   area could show 
you those "out of the way" type places and with the  modern  town almost on 
the edge of the NPS land, it is very hard to know  "the ground"  as the time 
of the battle and where various points are in  relation to each  other (I 
hope this makes   sense).

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