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When you consider Lee as a general it is helpful, if not  required, to 
remember the 2 Napoleonic Maxims of Warfare, which  are:
1.  Always strike with overwhelming  force.....
If you remember those 2 maxims you can start to  get a  handle on  R.E. Lee.
He was a master of those.
ie. Witness Chancellorville or 2 nd Man.  The man was  briilliant.  If you 
were in his shoes it would be hard to deviate from his  actions, unless you 
are a dumb guy,  which fortunately we are  not.
Pemberton and J Johnston had some 50k men between  them. With a 1000 miles 
between them and Lee he did the right  thing.
The fortress of Washington was  his focus.  He  needed as mny people as 
possible.  Because it was a fortress he knew that  he could never successfully 
attack it.  He had to get the Northern forces  away from DC in order to 
bring overwhelming force on the  AoP.
If you go into Penn you keep the Yanks off balance.  And  if you can, you 
attack with overwhelming force.
It's actually very simple to understand Lee in that  light.
Do you like my new sign-off?  I don't know what a  neo-anti unionst is but 
I like how it sounds.
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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