GDG- Wasn't Sickles Right?

Andy Mills amills at
Tue Jan 24 10:11:10 CST 2012

In a roundabout way, wasn't Sickles right in "discovering" the ANV flanking attack?

Granted, he didn't run into any of Longstreet's units, but as a result of the actions against Wilcox's men, he did find out that the ANV was intending to move a large force to attack his flank (which was eventually the case later in the day), but the manner in which he went about it is subject to debate (that he didn't discover Longstreet's movement but instead Wilcox's brigade), but I think the final conclusion of his (not the move), that a large force of the enemy was moving south to flank his line / ergo:  the AOP is a valid conclusion.

What I would like to know though:  after "discovering" this flank movement, did he inform headquarters about this?  Was Meade then made aware of a sizable force moving to his south?


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