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All of which are a nice side trip to anyone visiting Gettysburg.

There is a beautiful little park with a nice pyramid at his birth place in Cove Gap, and I believe his birth house (the log cabin) now stands on the grounds of the Mercersburg Academy.  There is also a few members of the 54th Mass buried in a local cemetery.  There are, I believe, also a few Confederates buried in local graveyards in the area and Stuarts (Steiger House) headquarters can still be seen on main street in Mercersburg.    

It is a nice little Civil war side trip.  From Gettysburg, you can get on Rt. 16 (just through Fairfield) and head through Montery Pass and right into Mercersburg (Cove Gap is about 2 miles outside Mercersburg).  An interesting note is you can also see Raven Rock / Site-R on this trip but due to government restrictions, not allowed to disclose its exact location (I know this is off-topic, but it is an interesting thing to see if you are already driving on that road). 


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How do you figure that Buchanan was a "typical southern hypocrite"?  He was born in Cove Gap, Franklin County, Pennsylvania and lived in Lancaster County, Pa. most of his life.  His estate there was called Wheatland.  Buchanan died on June 1, 1868, at the age of 77 at his home at Wheatland and was interred in Woodward Hill Cemetery in Lancaster.

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