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Hi Al.
I did not know that the ANV produced an inventory of all the supplies  that 
Lee siezed in the Gettysburg campaign.
Where can I find it?
Does it include contraband?
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> I think you're far more right than not in saying Lee's best hours were 
> with Jackson, though I would caution that he did very, very well on the 
> defensive in the Overland Campaign.
> As to why he moved north in the Pennsylvania Campaign, I don't think we'll 
> ever know with 100% certainty.  Avoiding losing troops to the west may 
> very well have been part of his thinking.  He himself said that he wanted 
> to subsist his army in enemy territory, give Virginia farmers an 
> opportunity to bring in a good crop without armies in the way, and disrupt 
> the Federals' plans for their own defensive.  Of these stated objectives, 
> he did disrupt any plans Hooker may have had for an offensive, and he was 
> able to collect massive amounts of supplies not only for immediate 
> consumption but also for transport back to Virginia.  If he had the 
> unstated objective of avoiding sending troops to the west, he did that as 
> well, but I think we can postulate that if that was one of his objectives 
> it was because he felt that a victory in the north would siphon off troops 
> from Vicksburg.  We'll never know about that part, but the nice thing 
> about counterfactuals is that either way we argue, as long as we 
> extrapolate from known historical facts, we're all 100% correct.  : )
> I believe we can say with near certainty that Lee always planned to win 
> victories in battles, so whatever he hoped to accomplish in the 
> Pennsylvania campaign depended, at least in part, on defeating the 
> Federals.
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> Al Mackey
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>  Disclaimer : I respect Lee, and a big fan of Longstreet - but - I
> onestly feel Lee's finest hours was the Jackson episodes, thus deferring 
> to
> ost of Dave's post. IMHO - Lee was an accomplished strategist - Jackson 
> was
> he tactician, deferring to your post of the Lee-Jackson combo. Sometimes I
> onder (at the risk of getting slammed in this group), whether Lee headed
> orth, besides the tried and true reasons, to stave off the chance of 
> losing
> ome of his command to the West (Vicksburg especially). Commanders don't
> ike to lose troops to another command, maybe an ego thing ;-D. Not saying
> ee's best interests for the Confederacy were not in his heart, but the
> cceleration of his movements after meeting with Davis was  (to me) a bit
> uspect. If my musings are wrong, so be it, as I'm sure this esteemed group
> ill put me in the right direction - just a thought, though! (Have to go
> ack to lurker mode - starting to put my fat in the fire !!)
> Regards,
> om B.
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