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<  However, we always have to return to our roots, which is Gettysburg.  >>
Which, of late, happens less and less.
n the spirit of things, however, I do agree with your earlier post about never 
aving heard "Lost Causer" defined as one who believes that Confederate defeat 
as inevitable as long as the Union retained the will to fight.  Although I 
uppose that could be an element of what the term implies.  I've always thought 
f it more along the lines of a "moonlight and magnolias" romanticised view of 
rave yoemen and bold cavaliers defending a doomed way of life, tinged with a 
ingering sadness that such a graceful way of life had passed.
o me, a true "Lost Causer" is also, like a true Confederate, someone of the 
eriod.  What we have now I'd call a "neo-Lost Causer", much the same as we now 
ave "neo-Confederates."  But I still hate these "causes" outbreaks, because 
hey always seem to turn ugly as everyone defends their own particular piece of 
he moral high ground.
Jim Cameron   
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