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I've changed my sign-off for GDG.
I usually feel like I am under an "unusually protracted Union  occupation". 
I think it's real cool but I still don't know what the phrase  means.
A  Loyal Neo-Anti Unionist,

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<<  What is your definition of a "true  Confederate" , "Neo-Lost Causer" , "
> Neo-Confederate" ?   >>

True Confederate:  One who lived during the time of  the Confedeacy, and 
either served in the Confederate armed forces or otherwise  considered him or 
herself to be a loyal citizen of the CSA.

Neo-Lost  Causer:  A "true" Lost Causer being loosely defined as a former 
"True  Confederate", a Neo-Lost Causer would be equally loosely defined as 
someone  born long after the Confederacy ceased to exist.   

Neo-Confederate:  One who gives the impression of living under an  
unusually protracted Union occupation. 

Jim  Cameron
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