GDG- Neo-Anti Unionists

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Mon Jan 23 15:34:44 CST 2012

You know....
In my Life I have gotten out of the routine large bus tours of  DC as they 
are so boring I want to drown my head under a cold water faucet  (Look!  
There's the White House!  [Yay!]  That's where the  President lives.  Now how 
often can you saw that without banging your head  on a coarse brick wall?)
I have currently been focusing on small group CW tours and  driving a 
pedicab ( A giant bicycle rickshaw. -  Not easy-  you try  it.).  The tourists 
always want to talk politix.  Against the  pipeline.  For the pipeline.  
Against this.  For  that.
Personally if I never ever saw a protestor in DC ever again  (Stay home 
fool, and go protest in front of Walmart where it will do more good.)  that 
would be great.  Then I could find a seat on the subway.
I don't talk politix, religion, or sex (Even tho I like  talking about 
Kinda like the GDG- you just don't wanna bring it  up.
I have had an insight....
I will start telling tourists that I am a "neo-anti  unionist".  That ought 
to shut them up.
The first tourist who understands the phrase is getting a free  bowl of the 
BEST CHILI in DC and a pitcher of Yuengling pale ale at Harrys   on me.  I 
might even buy a second pitcher if he is not s stupid  person.
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

Your Most Obediant  Servant

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