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Might this book be the book, Peter?

Regards, Tom B.

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Some 20 odd years ago I took a tour of Congressional Cemetery  in DC where 
Pleasanton is buried.  Our guide was the then-historian of the  cemetery.

He led us to the grave of Alfred Pleasanton and pronounced  that this man 
was the one responsible for Gettysburg.  That in reference to  the cavalry 
actions and Stuart's ride.

He basically blamed A.P. for the battle.

I would not have given the comment much credence for it but a  year or two 
but a year or two afterwards he wrote an excellent out-of-print  Civil War 
guide book to DC and I am left with the impression that he knew what  he was 
talking about.

As GDG knows I am pretty skeptical about my stuff and like  just the real 

Wish I could remember his name.  Someone remind  me....

"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

Your Most Obediant Servant

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