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"We would have been an anacronism"....
You mean we are not?
Well... I always learn something new in here.  I did not  know that.
Also...  "movable feast"....
I've never understood that phrase, but then again I could be  an anacronism 
myself, but I can't figure out why if you have a feast all set up  and 
ready to eat why would you want to move it around?  Why don't you just  leave it 
in one place and sit down and eat?
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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>  but hasn't Dennis said causes are on  topic?


The main focus of this group is  to discuss Gettysburg.  In 
achieving that focus, we face  the  same problem the Gettysburg 
national military Park faced in presenting its  museum and film.  How 
much context is needed?

In a  Museum, those decisions are pretty much permanently fixed  in 
the  exhibits or the film;  in the discussion group, it can be a 
little  more flexible.    I do not think we could've survived as an  
Internet group for over 18 years unless we expanded beyond Gettysburg  
to include the causes of the war and other topics to put those  
momentous events in perspective.  We would've been an anachronism in  
the world of modern history where events are discussed in their  
totality of context rather than in isolation.

We just had an  extended discussion of Custer, which is  on topic 
because he was at  Gettysburg.  So is a discussion of the 
assassination of Abraham  Lincoln. At some point,  it was time to move 
back to  Gettysburg.

So,  What  is on topic and off-topic  is a movable 
feast.     However, we always have to return  to our roots, which is 

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When  I want to understand what is happening today or try to decide what
will  happen tomorrow, I look back. -Oliver Wendell Holmes,  Jr.

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