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   I believe Pleasanton was assigned the blame for that one, as it was his blessings to allow Buford to refit etc. at Westminster. But was also his responsibility to have cavalry on the flank of the 3rd Corps. IMHO, I really don't think it would have made a difference as to his movement to the Emmitsburg Road, as that was an eminence in his front that he felt was needed for an artillery platform (shades of Chancellorsville & Hazel Grove, when they moved him off the the same type of ground to a lower elevation, and CSA artillery moved to that same spot he vacated, and commenced to rain down cannon fire on his Corps - Sickles was getting a flashback to that.) A fantastic book by Jim Hessler (a LBG) titled Sickles At Gettysburg, goes into the subject thoroughly. Also, on Gettysburg Daily – the same Jim Hessler gives a video tour on the subject – quite extensively, and basically leaves it up to the reader/viewer whether Sickles was right or wrong. Hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks Tom. Now a follow up question.
Buford was permitted to withdraw, but no other cavalry was asigned to the area as relief? Oversight or incompetence? I'm going with oversight, because whats the point of trying to asign blame at this late date. Unless, blame has already been asigned?
do you think, in a "what if" vein, that if a relief unit had been asigned, it would have had an impact on Sickles' movements? Would he still have considered the Peach Orchard the more favorable posisiton and used the confederate troop movements as reason to move, regardless of wether he know how many troops were involved or not?

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