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Hey HB,

This was going to be a comment on your blog, but I was not sure about the
"select profile" action.  What is the purpose of that?

Regards, Tom

Here is my comment:

Excellent point, and a reminder that this is the eternal struggle for all
mankind.  What should we do with our lives, and how should we do it?

It is important, I believe, to read scripture, the lives of the saints, and
other religious-oriented publications to keep ourselves on track.  Prayer is
the fuel for staying on track, once we discover what it is we should be

A humbling experience is to read the life of Mother Teresa, who spent her
life caring for the sick, poor and downtrodden.  She provides a yardstick to
gauge our own contributions in life.

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Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
Here's a question about III Corps.

Before Sickles advanced to the Peach Orchard how was the III  Corps arrayed?

Did they actually set up a defensive line II Corps to LRT or  did they
remain in marching or column formation?

I've always wondered about that.

"Just  the facts, ma'am."

Your Most Obediant  Servant
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