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> Hello all- getting back to Gettysburg-  a friend of mine sent me this
> email and I am sending it on to the GDG
> to get some assistance from you, for this question.
> Thank you for all your help
> Nancy Householder
> Westminster, MD
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> Subject: Confederate cavalry on July 1, 1863
>  Hi Nancy –
> Here’s a question for you.  I’m trying to
> pinpoint where the 1st Md. Cavalry CSA was fighting on July 1st.
> Mention is made by Harry Gilmor that he swept in [I’m assuming from the
> north] and a couple of his cavalrymen were the first in G-burg and that
> some of
> them were part of the Confederate Provost Marshal setup in the town.  He
> mentions going to battle against the 149th NY infantry and sweeping
> them up.  Gilmor was under Ewell and I know where Ewell’s men were, but
> the battle maps I’ve seen don’t show where the cavalry were located
> except it seems they had come down from Carlisle area and so would have
> been
> north of the town.
> Can you give me an idea of a book or website where I could
> see a more precise location of the 1st Md. Cavalry CSA?  I’m
> supposed to give a talk on Carroll County men in the Civil War to the Box
> Lunch
> Talk group organized by the Historical Society.  I don’t want to get into
> minute detail in the presentation, but I wanted to be better informed with
> background info.  After the battle, the regiment followed Lee’s retreat
> and fought a lot of skirmishes.  I just would like to know how/where Gilmor
> entered the town of Gettysburg.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Mimi

  Have learned long ago to take anything Harry Gilmor wrote postwar with a
big grain of salt if not the whole shaker.
   First off, seriously doubt that Gilmor was any where near Gettysburg
while the fight through the town was going on,  but it is possible that
Ewell would use Gilmor's cavalry as part of his provost guard later on that
   However, there is absolutely now way  Gilmor and his horsemen swept up
any part of the 149th New York since that unit was part of Greene's
Brigade, Geary's Division of Slocum's XII Corps and did not arrive on the
field until the first day's fighting had ended. The regiment did end up
playing a dramatic and crucial part in the battle on the evening of July 2
when Greene's Brigade repulsed the repeated and determined assaults of
Johnston's Division on Culp's Hill. And given the steep wooded terrain, it
was no ground for cavalry.
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