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Sun Jan 22 17:41:32 CST 2012

It is frequently lost in Civil War discussions as to major  factor is the 
different yet symmetrical attitudes of the cause of the  war.
I would like to believe, that had both sides understood what  they were 
about to get into for four years that they probably would have sought  any and 
every alternative to the war.
But both sides were, first, confused, and innocent, naive, and  arrogant.
For example, many Southernors believed the North would not  fight.  And if 
they did any Reb could lick ten Yankees.
And the North thought the South lazy, unproductive and a mess  of arrogant 
BNeither side could envision what was about to happen.   Thus, the Civil 
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

Your Most Obediant  Servant

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