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I find myself a bit confused by what you posted.
What exactly do you mean by the "Lost Cause"  line?
I do believe that if the North had the will to resist  Southern secession 
that the South was doomed.
But that depended on Lincoln.  Clearly the nation was  fortunate to have 
the right man in the right place.
But, for the sake of discussion, in the spring of 1861 let's  say Buchanan 
or George McClellan were (was?- the posts on language in here scare  me.) 
president and decided to let the South go in peace without a war than that  
would have been the end of it.
Had James Buchanan had a second term I can't see him raising  the might of 
the North to bring down wrath on the South.
And certainly Lincoln was not elected in the fall of 1860  because his 
supporters envisioned and predicted civil war.  It was just  good fortune the 
nation had him.
Or, maybe, an act of God (Thank you God.) 
"Just  the facts, ma'am." 

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I have long been bothered by the belief that anyone who  maintains that the 
South's defeat was inevitable as long as the Union retained  the will to 
fight is a  "Lost Causer!"

I think this is an utterly  realistic assessment of the 'correlation of 
forces' and a great example of why  the South was nuts to risk war.

What am I not  getting?



Now  George, You know that just because the South was out-manned and  
out-supplied...That had NOTHING to do with it....wink wink

As far as  the South being nuts to risk war always remember "It isn't the 
size of the dog  in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the  dog".


William  Richardson
Mount Gilead, North Carolina

" The  direct cause of the outbreak of the War Between The States was 
slavery; the  direct object of the prosecution of the war was the preservation of 
the Union.  "
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